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Tracy Kiss comes to INTENCITY


Tracy Kiss comes to INTENCITY

Last week the TV personality, model, blogger and all-round fitness fanatic Tracy Kiss trialed INTENCITY! Tracy didn't waste anytime and went for the extreme 'INTENCITY Max HIIT', she was put through her paces by our highly trained instructor, Marlon.

Tracy said "we covered a total body workout in intervals of various repetitions from lifting kettle bells to jumping off of steps, planking, cycling,lifting bars, twisting, stretching, jogging and jumping. Just as I felt I’d hit my maximum the next move would begin as we moved from arms to legs, cardio to stretching, core and floor work so that individually we all achieved our best."

INTENCITY has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most innovative, demanding, but rewarding exercise classes around.

After Tracy’s experience her endorphins were pumping and she was feeling great, we'll certainly be seeing her again! "I had a fantastic time and loved every sweat-soaked minute of it; today my muscles feel as hard as rock, I’m standing taller and feeling great about my body, and I’ve also banked a great deal of calories in time for Christmas."

You can see her blog on her INTENCITY experience here 

Well done Tracy!

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