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600 calories in 30 minutes!


 600 calories in 30 minutes!

HIIT training is the most efficient training experience and is guaranteed to burn the highest amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. Even after just one INTENCITY class, your metabolism will be immediately increased and you will still be burning calories hours after the class. Our customers have voted Spintencity and INTENCITY Max the most challenging (and calorie rewarding) workouts. Spintecity uses our high performance Watt bikes, specifically designed to improve your personal performance by 20% compared to a regular gym bike, and INTENCITY Max gives you the opportunity to work your way around all the INTENCITY equipment in the studio, including our much anticipated Queenaxe room.

Do you find these two workouts the most stimulating? Let us know which workout gets you hottest under the collar and feeling the burn the next day!

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